Welcome, fur rug owners and collectors. We at Ken’s animal rug repairs specialize in the cleaning and restoration of your valuable rugs and trophies. In most cases, your damaged animal skins, rugs, blankets, bedspreads, and pillows can be cleaned and repaired to retain to its original splendor and with increased value.

Regarding your hunting trophies: We can replace damaged areas including furs, (when possible) tongues, claws, ears, eyes, including paint touch ups, etc. We also do minor repairs and cleaning on fur coats.



*Fur rugs that we have worked on included: ZEBRA, BEAR, LEOPARD, LION, TIGER, WOLF, CHEETAH, FOX, ALPACA, TAHR, BUFFALO, and many others.

*We have over 23 years of cleaning and restoration experience.

*Trophy Rooms - cleaning and minor repairs  can be done on premises.

  1. *We offer convenient pick up and delivery within the greater Los Angeles area.

*Out of state projects can be shipped to us upon verbal agreement. Clients will be responsible

for insured freight to and from upon completion of projects. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS BEFORE


*We DO NOT purchase or sell any ENDANGERED SPECIES. Please contact your local Department of Fish and Wildlife for additional information.